State of Mississippi

Contract Number: 8200063172
Contract for Furniture: Cafeteria, Dormitory, Library, Lounge, Modular Office, School Furniture, Seating, Wood Desks and Credenzas
Effective: 7/1/2023 to 6/30/2024
Link to contract on MS website


807 Wisconsin Street
PO Box M
Walworth, WI 53184
Tax Identification: #39-1680798

Integra Customer Service: 800-235-0234
Fax:  262-275-3614
Email general inquiries to: [email protected]

Integra is a Minority Vendor with the State of MS.

Price List in Effect: Current Price List

Orders and Payments to be mailed to: Authorized Assisting Dealer

Authorized Dealers (PDF)

State Options for Purchasing: (1) Delivered (2) Delivered & Installed

Discount: Contact Integra Customer Service or Integra Representative in MS

Integra Sales Representative: Morgan Associates