A Passion for Manufacturing

It's always been about our people and our furniture...

It's always been about our people and our furniture...

At Integra, we've built our success on the fact that we have put our best into our manufacturing methods and product integrity. We design, engineer and manufacture amazingly strong and comfortable lounge seating and tables. We have for nearly four decades.

We have always put more resources into our manufacturing to make better processes for our employees and better products for our customers than we have put into marketing. Some furniture manufacturers are great marketers; we are a great manufacturer. If you want the best in comfort, strength, durability, functional features, options, and aesthetics, then...Welcome to Integra.

Component-Based Design

3 Important Reasons to Specify Component-based Furniture

Facilities personnel have always needed cost-effective, yet high performing products for their buildings. That need is even greater today. With Covid-19 impacting every facility, budgets are tight and maintaining facilities can be costly.

One way facility managers can save money and protect their investment is to select furniture with replaceable and/or recoverable components.  While not a new concept, many lounge seating and table products on the market do not have this extremely important attribute. This is a design philosophy Integra has incorporated into every seating series since its beginning more than 38 years ago.

As a commercial lounge seating manufacturer...

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News & Press

Campus eSports facilities growing in popularity

The world of online gaming continues to grow in popularity, especially among a younger generation. So it comes as no surprise that many colleges and universities are looking to upgrade their facilities to accommodate the next generation of competitive eSports players and casual gamers.

One school, Colorado Mesa University, is at the forefront of this movement. Last fall the school completed the renovation of an existing building at its main campus in Grand Junction. The first floor of Rotary Hall, a two-story building that housed administrative offices, was reimagined to create a permanent home for CMU’s fast-growing eSports team.

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