Integra is a leading manufacturer of high performance lounge furniture offering a remarkable combination of design, comfort, strength, and function. Numerous options give design flexibility in any living, learning, social, working, and healing spaces, whether in public or private settings.

Sustainability matters...

for over 40 years at Integra

Since the beginning, we have designed and manufactured high performance lounge seating and tables in the US with sustainable features such as: component-based construction which allows for individual components to be replaced - so less goes into a landfill, superior strength with 1000 lb. dynamic capacities and durability that allows our products to be used for decades - to last longer so less raw materials are used in making new products. We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty - even in 24/7 facilities.

Most collections are Certified Clean Air Gold and Integra is a nationally certified WBE & WOSB.

See our products EcoData on Ecomedes – our sustainability database. 


Component-Based Design

3 Important Reasons to Specify Component-based Furniture

Facilities personnel have always needed cost-effective, yet high performing products for their buildings. That need is even greater today. With Covid-19 impacting every facility, budgets are tight and maintaining facilities can be costly.

One way facility managers can save money and protect their investment is to select furniture with replaceable and/or recoverable components.  While not a new concept, many lounge seating and table products on the market do not have this extremely important attribute. This is a design philosophy Integra has incorporated into every seating series since its beginning more than 38 years ago.

As a commercial lounge seating manufacturer...

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News & Press

NeoCon 2022 Showroom Tour

Integra introduced the new Reef Rockers and the CH Kids Collection at NeoCon 2022. See these and all the great lounge seating products in this short video.

CH Kids is a comfortable, fully upholstered lounge collection scaled for kids. Many options include: an ultra-strong tablet, curved and straight seats, upholstered arms, and wood and metal legs, and casters for mobility.

The Reef Rocker is a great addition to any environment. Studies have identified several benefits of the rocking motion to include; reducing stress and anxiety, having a calming effect, and other benefits. Options include: wood or HDPE rocking bases, solid surface arm caps, and a clean-out between the seat and back.

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