Integra Fabric Grading for the 2022 Price List

Important Note: If you are working with a contract that is utilizing our 2021 Price List, you MUST CLICK HERE for the 2021 Fabric Grading Lists. The grading lists below will not work with the 2021 Price List. Please contact our Project Management team if you have any questions.

Integra is proud to be in partnership with many fabric distributors. The following partners work closely with Integra to offer a graded in fabric program that is competitively priced and offers a broad selection of fabrics as a convenience for our customers.

Integra is excited to offer links to Mayer Fabrics TexTile3D, CF Stinson Select Grading, Momentum 5 Clicks and Maharam Textile Selector programs. Select the textile company logo below to get started!

The following Fabric Grading Lists are available alphabetically or by Grade and is to be used with the 2022 Price List only.

Integra Digital Fabric Cards

Mayer Fabrics Interactive Cards

Mayer High Performance Coated Fabric
Mayer High Performance Woven Fabric

Stinson Interactive Cards

Stinson High Performance Coated Fabric
Stinson High Performance Woven Fabric

Momentum Card

Momentum Sustainable Performance Fabric

Integra is not involved in the choice of fabric and cannot be responsible for its performance. Fabric is NOT included under Integra’s warranty. Please review our fabric partner’s testing results and their warranty for further information on each pattern when making your selection.

Please note that fabric grades are subject to change and fabrics can be discontinued at any time.
Don’t see the fabric company or pattern you are looking for? Integra has the capability of grading in a wide variety of fabrics – please contact Integra Customer Service for more information at: 1-800-235-0234

Your COM may be sent to:

Integra, Inc.
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Please be sure to include as much information about your order as possible in order to expedite order processing.