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Integra Introducing Two New Lounge Seating Designs at NeoCon 2022

Walworth, WI | June 13, 2022



Integra, a leading manufacturer of high-performance lounge furniture, will debut two new lounge seating designs at NeoCon 2022. With the continued popularity of its Coffee House Collection, Integra Seating is introducing kids-sized lounge seating: The CH Kids Collection, which perfectly complements the standard sized. The Reef Rocker is a fully upholstered lounge chair with a rocking base.  Visitors to NeoCon 2022 can view these new products at Integra’s showroom (10th floor, #10-140) June 13-15.

CH Kids is a comfortable, fully upholstered lounge collection scaled for kids with several options, including an ultra-strong tablet, which provides an exceptional surface for reading, studying or playing. Two straight units in 20”w and 40”w, inside and outside curves, upholstered arm options and several ottomans give design flexibility when specifying this collection. Legs are available in wood, metal, and casters for mobility. The clean-out seat is a standard feature of the CH Kids Collection.

The Reef Rocker is a comfortable, fully upholstered rocking lounge chair. The chair will make users feel welcome with its generous size, comfort and warm aesthetic. Studies have identified several benefits of the rocking motion to include: reducing stress and anxiety, having a calming effect and other benefits. The Reef Rocker can blend seamlessly into many environments. Wood and HDPE rocking bases are available, in addition to wood and solid surface arm caps options. A clean-out seat is another functional option.

The CH Kids Collection and the Reef Rocker are made with component-based design featuring replaceable and recoverable components. In addition, all units have a 1,000 lb. dynamic (drop) load capacity, and come with a lifetime warranty, even when used in 24/7 facilities.

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About Integra

Located in southern Wisconsin, Integra Inc., is a nationally certified Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE & WOSB) and family-owned and operated company that has been designing and manufacturing lounge seating and tables since 1982. The company started with Monroe Putnam’s patented “tube and plug” inner construction design. Since then, Integra owners, Monroe and Deena Putnam, have grown Integra into a leading company that accommodates the unique requirements of each customer and end-user, and continually adds new products that exceed customer expectations. Integra sets the standard for products with functional style, durability and flexibility combined with first-class customer service. With a focus on durability and minimizing environmental impact, all Integra seating lines have replaceable components to provide a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for any facility.


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