Valayo Collection

The Valayo Collection is an excellent example of striking design meets exceptional strength.  Clean, contemporary design at its functional best.  The sleek steel legs angling through the seat & back allows for the clean-out feature and creates the wall saver design.  Smartly proportioned and scaled to comfortably accommodate various users with 3 chair widths of 26″, 32″ and 46″.  All sizes are available in armless versions for greater flexibility.  Valayo comes in 4 powdercoat finishes along with brushed chrome and urethane arm cap options in multiple colors.  Beautifully designed & beautifully strong with our steel inner construction all Valayo chairs support an extraordinary 1000 lb drop test & a 2000 lb static capacity.  The Valayo Collection offers coordinating benches in 3 widths of 26″, 42″ and 72″ and freestanding tables are also available.  As with all our products, every piece in the Valayo Collection comes with Integra Lifetime Warranty.


Integra is excited to introduce 2 brand new product lines and some great enhancements to some existing products at NeoCon 2017.  Learn more about these great additions in our NeoCon 2017 video.

Summit Lounge

Summit Lounge, part of our Alpine Collection, is beautifully curved, well-proportioned seating with a functional clean-out around the seat that is concealed from the front for better aesthetics. It is clean, contemporary design with exceptional craftsmanship in the upholstery details and overall quality. Summit Lounge is offered with 2 swivel base options; a 360° rotation and a self-returning base. Notice on the self-returning base how we smartly designed the center-point locator to easily identify the center of the chair. Legs are available in solid wood, steel cylinder legs with brushed chrome finish & 4 powder coat colors and casters for easy mobility. A larger scale Summit chair is available for a more generous proportion. Coordinating ottomans are also available with the swivel base, the static base, casters & the 4 legs. Summit Lounge chairs withstand a 1000 lb. drop test and have a 2000 lb. capacity. They are modular in their design with replaceable & recoverable components and come with an Integra Lifetime Warranty.

Coffee House Collection

The Coffee House Collection is one of Integra’s most flexible and versatile collections. The modular, very comfortable, and well proportioned seat units can be designed to fit your needs in any area. Integra is lounge furniture built for high-use areas, but is beautiful in any area.





Coastal Collection Overview

Integra’s Coastal Collection is 3 scales of lounge seating that are beautifully coordinated. The Tide Series is the small-scale lounge. The Marina and Bay Series’ are the mid-scale lounge seating. The Reef Series is the lounge scale. All seating has multiple seat widths and all chairs pass a bariatric weight rating of 1000 lb drop test / 2000 lb static load. Coastal Benches and A-Tables complete this extensive collection. All Integra seating and tables are designed for high-use areas and have a lifetime warranty.

Duluth Bench Collection

Beautiful, solid hard maple benches available in four widths (28″, 50″, 72″, 94″). The innovative new back option adds a great design element and outstanding function.

The Duluth Bench Collection…FOUR benches, ONE Back…MANY Designs.

Hide & Go Mobility

This innovative, new, Patent-Pending leg style provides a stronger, more solid foundation for chair mobility without changing the overall look of the piece like the standard, ubiquitous black casters. Hide & Go Mobility is available on most Integra lounge series, including settees and sofas!

Marina, Bay & Reef Series

The Marina, Bay, and Reef Series are part of Integra’s Coastal Collection. The Coastal Collection is 3 scales of lounge seating that are beautifully coordinated.




Tide Series

The Tide Series is part of Integra’s Coastal Collection. The Coastal Collection is 3 scales of lounge seating that are beautifully coordinated.