State of Georgia


Georgia Department of Administrative Services

Contract Number: 99999-001-SPD0000198-0034
Furniture: Office, Computer and Educational
Effective: 12/1/2023 to 11/30/2025 with (3) renewals


807 Wisconsin Street
PO Box M
Walworth, WI 53184
Tax Identification: #39-1680798

Integra Customer Service: 800-235-0234
Fax: 262-275-3614
Email general inquiries to: [email protected]

Orders to be mailed to:

Integra, Inc.
c/o Authorized Dealer Name, if applicable
PO Box M
Walworth, WI 53184

Email orders to: [email protected]

Payments to be mailed to:

Integra, Inc.
PO Box M
Walworth, WI 53184

Payment Terms: Net 30 Days.

Bid offer includes both State and Local Governments

Freight Program: Prepaid to Destination

Discount: Contact Sales Representative or Integra Customer Service

Integra Sales Representative: RS Reps

Authorized Dealers

Price List in Effect:  Current Price List

Customer Testimonial

"I have been an advocate for Integra for over a decade and purchased well over a million dollars in products. I consider each piece a cost savings investment. While you can find lower cost furniture, which you would replace several times, Integra is made to last for years. While there are other products which are nearly as durable, they tend to lack the design features Integra offers. From high density foam, to capped arms, casters that are nearly indestructible, it is the steel inner construction that makes Integra a smart buy. Our students put our furniture to the test. While not warrantied for a drop out a fourth floor window, our students 'tried' it... and it passed needing only minor repairs! Integra remains a family owned business and their service and follow up is second to none. You can show me other furniture, but I'm sticking with Integra."

-Dr. Larry Christenson, Director of University Housing at Georgia College

TGM - Pricing spreadsheet by item number

Contract Manager for Integra - Cindy Licht, Project Manager, [email protected],  262.314.6916 d

Awarded Categories:

C-23 Seating: Lounge Chairs (10)               Percent off:  47 D / 45 ID / 43 DNI

C-23 Seating: Benches (14)                         Percent off:  47 D / 45 ID / 43 DNI