Lounge Seating for Higher Education and Public Spaces


Lounge seating for higher education that supports the needs of students and staff throughout many educational areas:

  • Living & Learning
  • Dining & Cafe
  • Social & Collaboration
  • Privacy & Focus
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Library & Study
  • Classroom & Administration

High performance lounge seating with sustainability and comfort

Integra has been providing lounge seating solutions in a variety of educational settings for 40 years. Our large offering of lounge seating and tables are able to meet the flexible requirements of today's learning environments.

Diversity of product and features, mobility for flexible, multi-purpose uses, and comfortable seating for individual focus or for socializing and collaboration are highly important attributes among students and staff. Durability, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and cleanability are highly important to the facilities and administrative personnel.

Integra's lounge furniture offers a remarkable combination of design, comfort, strength and function along with sustainability and providing the best value for the long-term investment. All of which has never mattered more.

3 Must-Have Features for Lounge Seating in Today's Learning Facilities

On campuses, lounge seating is utilized by people of varying body types and in multiple ways and often are in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Facility managers can protect their investment by selecting lounge furniture with three important features.

At Integra, every seating line is designed to have replaceable parts; i.e. legs, feet, arms, arm caps, seats and backs. This significantly reduces the facility’s expenses related to any product damage or fabric failures. Many lounge products on the market do not have this extremely important attribute.

Buying a high-quality and proven seating solution with component-based construction is both a financial and environmental benefit. It’s much more cost effective, thus decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership, and much more sustainable to repair or replace just one component than buying the entire chair again if something is damaged or worn out.

Not all furniture is created equal. All Integra chairs have a 2000 lb static capacity and a 1000 lb dynamic capacity. It’s the daily use these chairs endure over time that separates the products with superior strength. Integra products will be structurally sound and comfortable for at least 20 years. Integra offers a Lifetime Warranty to stand behind this claim.

Product cleanability has always been important, but now it’s especially important in the midst of a global pandemic. Integra not only has clean-outs in many of their designs, but also all-sides clean-outs to ensure the best access around the seats to clean and sanitize for the safety of the users. Integra also offers metal arm frame options in various series, and solid surface options for arm caps, tablets and table tops for the best in cleanability and sanitizing.

Component Based Design
Component Based Design 2

Integra's Higher Education Customers Include:

Lounge seating designs ideal for educational spaces:

Kallise Lounge Collection
High Back Coffee House w/Divder Panel
Rendezvous Lounge Seating
Summit Lounge Seating
Pax Lounge Collection
Coffee House Collection
Soirée Lounge Seating
Elite Lounge Seating
Pax Poufs
Marina Lounge Seating
Bay Lounge Seating
Coffee House Ottomans
Flair Lounge Seating
Alta Lounge Seating
Après Lounge Seating

Tablets and power provide a convenient, comfortable place to study and work

Tablets and power are essential options in learning environments. Students and staff enjoy the comfort of a lounge chair with the ability to work effectively at the same time. Integra's tablet arms have been engineered to hold up to 300 lbs of weight! Tablets can be added to most seating and have a smooth swivel mechanism that allows for optimal positioning. A functional cup holder option is also available on the rectangular tablets. Integra offers all these great options on nearly all their lounge designs.

All Integra tablets have a 300 lbs capacity
All Integra tablets have a 300 lbs capacity
High Back Coffee House Sled Base w/Divider Panels, SS Tablet, Power
High Back Coffee House Sled Base w/Divider Panels, SS Tablet, Power
Kallise KL58 Sled Base, SS Arm Caps, SS Tablet with Cup Holder, Power
Kallise KL58 Sled Base, SS Arm Caps, SS Tablet with Cup Holder, Power
Pax Lounge with Tablet, Power, Item Hook
Pax Lounge with Tablet, Power, Item Hook

Pull-up laptop tables allow you to work wherever you'd like!

Kixsy Pull-up tables are high performance laptop tables that can be used with any standard height seating. They're designed for superior strength with an incredible 300 lbs capacity and durability with the powder coated steel base and support. The metal base has a smart cut-out for optimal positioning to the side around a leg and has a slight curve for best comfort when used directly in front of the seating. Tops come in three materials: solid surface, laminate over a plywood core and edge or veneer over a plywood core and edge.

Mobile Lounge Seating for More Flexibility

Mobility is essential for today's educational institutions. Integra offers caster options on most lounge seating designs. In addition, a unique mobile option is our Hide & Go Mobility; this concealed mobile option allows for the chairs to be moved more easily yet preserves the original wood leg design for better aesthetics.

Wood leg featuring Hide & Go Mobility

Mobile lounge seating designs great for higher education include:

Soiree Chair with Casters & Tablet
Flair Lounge Chair with Casters & Tablet
Bay Chair with Casters & Tablet
Rendezvous Chair with Caster, Tablet & Shelf
Elite Lounge Chair with Casters & Tablet
Summit with Casters
Kallise Chair with Casters & Tablet
Coffee House with Casters
Summit Ottoman with Casters

Cleanability is Essential in Higher Educational Facilities

Tide Standard Clean-out
Tide Standard Clean-out

Standard & All-Sides Clean-outs

Several of our seating designs offer the Clean-out Seat standard. In addition, several offer the Island Seat (All-sides Clean-out) option, which is the next-level of cleanability in which ALL sides of the seat can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

Solid surface arm caps, tablets, and table tops allow for next-level cleanability are available on many lounge series.

Tide Island Seat Clean-out (All-sides Clean-out)
Tide Island Seat Clean-out (All-sides Clean-out)

Stand-offs Options for Next-Level Cleanability

Marina Metal seating offers a unique 1-piece seat and back creating the Cove Wipe-out. The Stand-off option creates space between the seat unit and the arms, making this comfortable lounge chair easy to clean and sanitize.

Marina Metal with Stand-off Option
Marina Metal with Stand-off Option

High Back Coffee House Seating with the Divider Panel Stand-off option creates space between the divider panel and the seat unit, making this unit easy to clean and sanitize.

High Back Coffee House w/Divider Panels and Stand-off Option
High Back Coffee House w/Divider Panels and Stand-off Option

Integra has been manufacturing seating and tables for Higher Education for over 40 years.

Our offering of lounge seating and tables is diverse and able to meet the flexible requirements of today’s learning environments. From mobile lounge seating, to more private/individual units, to serpentine lounge pieces with built-in or freestanding dividers, we have a solution that can meet your needs and secure your investment.


Our products are made in the USA by a family-owned and operated company. We’re a certified women-owned business (WBE) and women-owned small business (WOSB).


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